Removal of Accredited Investor Restrictions

Removal of Accredited Investor Restriction for Phillip Trustee

Dear Valued Advisors,

As some of you may know, we obtained our Trust license late last year! Thank you for all the interest you have shown! Previously Phillip Trustee was only permitted to on-board clients who qualify as Accredited Investor.

We are pleased to announce that this restriction has been removed. Going forward, we are able to on-board any clients who is interested to engage our trustee services.

A snapshot of trust services we can provide:

  • Living Trust
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Escrow Agent
  • Trust with Charitable Purposes
  • Custodian trustee that undertakes the safe custody of assets
  • Trust created in connection with issuance of debentures
  • To hold (as bare trustee) stocks/securities deposited with CDP on behalf of sub-account holder
  • Trust that is created to hold or administer any collateral given

Assets we can handle:

  • Investible Assets
  • Property
  • Physical Assets

Please feel free to reach out to our FAME Team at to find out more. Thank you!

Removal of AI Restriction

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