IFSAM VCC Private Credit Fund Class A

IFS Asset Management Private Credit Fund is a Direct Lending Fund that extends short to medium tenor secured term loans to SMEs in Singapore for their working capital requirements. The loans are backed by tangible collateral, in the form of Singapore properties secured by a legal mortgage. The Fund is designed for investors seeking capital preservation, stability, enhanced yields, and predictable income that are similar to bonds but with the added advantage of having downside protection, buffered by tangible collateral. The Fund’s target return is 5.5% to 6% p.a., net of all fees.

Fund Information

Asset Class

Others (Private Credit)



Annual Management Fee

1.0% p.a.

Launch Date




Minimum Investment Amount

$ 50,000 SGD

Fund Currency


Minimum Subsequent Investment

$ 10,000 SGD

Price Made Known On/Pricing Frequency

Data Not Available

Minimum Redemption Amount ($) / Units

$ 0 SGD