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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I create an online portfolio for my client if he/she has not deposited the funds into FAME account?

Yes you can. The subscription will be processed upon receipt of funds. For CPF/SRS fund source, subscription will be processed upon successful fund collection from the investment bank / CPF.

I forgot my Login ID/Password

Please contact your firm administrator to perform a on-site login id / password reset for your account.

How do I transfer my clients' existing portfolios from other platforms to FAME?

You may refer to the Transfer of Holdings Guide on the required forms to facilitate transfer-ins from external platforms.

My account got suspended, what should I do?

Please contact our support hotline at 6805 8243 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 6pm) or drop us an email at

What is the cut-off date for changes to my client's Regular Savings Plan?

The cut-off date for changes made to the Regular Savings Plan (RSP) is the last day of the month. For example, to effect the change of RSP amount from $100 to $200 starting from September 2015, the instruction has to be submitted by end-Aug 2015.

My account got suspended, what should I do?

Please contact our support hotline at 6805 8243 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 6pm) or drop us an email at

Can I opt for e-statements instead of receiving hard copies for my monthly statements?

You can sign up for e-statements by following the steps below:
  1. Log in to FAME (
  2. Go to Admin > Client > Client Info > E-Statement
  3. Enter your email address to opt in for e-statements
By signing up for e-statements, you will be able to receive the electronic version of your monthly statement and confirmation notes.

How do I retrieve my statement?

You can retrieve and view your monthly statements on FAME through Admin > Client > Statements. The statements are available up to a year.

How can I deposit funds into my FAME account?

These are the following methods of funds deposits at your disposal for your FAME account: By Cheque Make cheque payable to "Phillip Securities Pte Ltd" and indicate account no. (for existing account) and name at the back of cheque. Only SGD / USD cheque drawn on a local bank is accepted. Internet Banking / EPS Bank Name: DBS / POSB / OCBC / UOB / MAYBANK / STANDARD CHARTERED BANK Payee: Phillip Securities Pte Ltd Payment Reference: <full 7 digits of account no> e.g. 0980000 Telegraphic Transfer Kindly refer to the details here.

How do I approve a portfolio submitted by my Advisor?

To approve a online portfolio submitted by your Advisor, you may wish to log on to FAME and go to Transaction > Approve Portfolio. For a step-by-step guide, please click here.

How do I retrieve my portfolio valuation?

You can get retrieve your Portfolio Valuation on FAME through Account Management > Account Holdings.

How do I redeem my investment portfolio?

We strongly recommend you to speak with your Financial Advisor Representative ("FA Rep") before making any investment decision. Before creating a 'sell' transaction online, they will need to know the funds and quantity of units you wish to redeem in each fund. The redemption proceeds will be based on market valuation and paid to you in your preferred withdrawal mode which includes: Mail Cheque, Quick Cheque Deposit and Telegraphic Transfer*. For investments made with CPF / SRS fund source, proceeds will be returned to your investment bank account / CPF.   *charges applies.

Do I need to have an adviser to be on the FAME platform?

Yes, this platform is catered to our B2B business. You will need a financial adviser representative to be able to enjoy the tools and services that we offer. Need help in finding an adviser? Send us a message and we will link you up with one of our business partners.

How do I transfer my holdings to FAME?

Your financial adviser representative will be able to help you on the paperwork required. If you need any help, please email us at

What cost savings will I enjoy by using FAME?

At FAME, you will get to enjoy:
  • 0% Platform Fees!
  • At Fame, we believe in keeping your investment cost low so that you can maximize your investment returns. Check out our illustration here!
  • Savings in CPF Agent Bank Charges
  • As an Investment Administrator (IA) platform, FAME is able to draw a consolidated amount directly from your CPF agent bank, fund house and fund distributor. As compared to a Non IA platform whereby each fund house will separately request monies from your CPF agent bank, you can save on CPF agent bank charges when you transact with us.
  • Shorter turnaround time for CPF transactions
  • As an IA platform, the turnaround time for CPF transactions is much shorter when you transact through FAME.
  • Consolidated Statement
  • FAME provides you with a consolidated statement. If you were to invest through a Non-IA platform, you will receive multiple statements from your agent bank, fund house and fund distributor.

    When can I expect to receive my redemption proceeds?

    Please refer to the redemption timeline here.

    How do I notify you of changes to my personal particulars?

    Wrap Account Please submit a copy of the Update of Particulars form here and your supporting document*. Non-Wrap Account For non-wrap accounts with direct CDP linkage, please submit a copy of the SGX Update of Particulars form here and your supporting document*. By completing the SGX Update of Particulars form, the address for your stock accounts linked to CDP (if any) will be updated as well. *Supporting Documents: For update of name and address, please attach a copy of your NRIC. If your mailing address differs from your residential address, please submit a proof of address such as bank statement or utility bill (no later than 3 months). You can submit the completed form to your Financial Adviser Representative OR mail it to us at the address below: Phillip Securities Pte Ltd 250 North Bridge Road #06-00 Raffles City Tower Singapore 179101

    How safe are my investments with FAME?

    Phillip Securities Pte Ltd is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and we are subjected to stringent regulatory requirements which includes the following duties below: (1) Keeping clients' securities and monies segregated from the company's; (2) Handling of clients' securities and monies received; (3) Provision of contract notes and account statements. Please be assured that your holdings and monies are kept separately in our client trust accounts. We have also put in place stringent procedures to ensure a safe and reliable transaction platform for you.

    I forgot my Login ID / Password

    You can do an online or offline password reset on FAME by clicking on ‘need help?’ on the login page. If you have requested for an online password reset, please ensure that you have a mobile number and email address registered with us. You can then follow the steps to reset your password online. If you have requested for an offline password reset, a separate set of pin mailers containing your login ID and password will be mailed to your address as per our records. Please allow 3 to 5 working days for the pin mailers to reach you. Should you encounter difficulties in resetting your password, please email us at or contact us at 6805 8243.

    We would like to collaborate with FAME. What is the next step?

    Please send us a message and we will contact you shortly.