Custody Service

We offer a full range of services to meet your custodian needs such as trade settlement, safekeeping of securities, corporate action whether it is dividends, rights issues or proxy voting. With offices in over 16 countries, you can tap on our global expertise.

Infrastructure and Administrative Support

We focus on helping small to medium size exempt funds and managed accounts fund managers. You can leverage on our infrastructure to support your processes whether it is to process account opening applications, execute trades or send monthly statements. The benefit of outsourcing is that you can focus on what you do best – making the right investment decisions for a fund – while we do the rest.

Discretionary Mandates

With our in-house investment expertise, we have handled many different types of discretionary mandates from employee pension schemes to managing government-linked organizations to corporate accounts.

Wealth Solutions

We can provide and customize financial technology tools that enable you to deliver wealth management advice to your clients effectively.