Unit trusts

FAME distributes more than 400 funds partnering with both global and local fund houses. Unit Trust, also known as Mutual Fund, is an investment product where investors’ money are pooled together by a Fund Manager who manage and invest within prescribed parameters found in the prospectus. The minimum investment amount is typically SGD 1,000. Some funds are CPF-approved and that means the investment can be made from your CPF accounts.

Account Types

At FAME, we offer two types of accounts:
  • Advisory Wrap Account
  • The advisory wrap account enables your financial advisor to better manage your portfolio with regular rebalancing or switching of unit trusts without any additional charges. The advisory wrap account imposes an annual wrap fee and upfront fee.
  • Non-Wrap Account
  • The non-wrap account does not impose an annual wrap fee but a sales charge will be imposed each time you switch funds.

Excess fund Management

The excess fund management facility is designed to make your money work harder for you while you focus on more important things in life. The excess fund management facility invests into the Phillip Money Market Fund which is fully managed by Phillip Capital Management Pte Ltd. With several award winning funds, the fund management team has expertise in equities, fixed income, alternative investments, unit trust management and discretionary account management for retail, high net worth individuals, corporate and institutional clients.

Find an Advisor

Though our range of products and services are within reach to help you achieve your financial goals, it is important to engage a Financial Advisor who truly understand your needs and analyze the suitable products for you. At FAME, we strive to work closely with your advisor to discover and provide customized solutions for your financial needs. We provide your financial advisors with a wide range of investment products and the necessary tools to develop the best financial plan for your changing needs. We recommend that you consult your financial advisor when making investment decisions. The value of investment may not always smooth sailing and hence it is important to tap on the expertise of a financial advisor.