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Corporate Finance and Advisory

Our Corporate Finance team works closely with our teams in Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, India and UK to provide a wide range capital markets and advisory services to both listed and non-listed companies.

We offer you fund-raising capabilities that include IPOs, secondary market fund raising, equity/debt fund raising and private placement. We also advise on mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, privatisations and other corporate transactions.

Why us?

Share Financing

We provide investors with liquidity to buy shares and offer financing on over 2,000 shares in 9 currencies across 11 global markets.

Shares are assigned 3 valuation grades; Grade A – up to 70% financing available, Grade B – up to 50% financing available and Grade C – no financing is provided on the shares, Grade A or Grade B marginable shares can be used as collateral to buy Grade C non-marginable shares.

Up to 70% financing for over:

Liquidity Management

Confronted with an illiquid market, you may be exposed to multiple types of risks such as price volatility, downward price spiral under heavy selling and perhaps buying and selling at less favourable prices.

Our solution provides commercial market making services for thinly traded companies in order to generate interest among retail and institutional investors, thereby creating a vibrant investment climate for small and midcap stocks in Singapore.

Why Commercial Market Maker?

General Insurance

With partnership for over 20 insurance firms, we would be able to assist you in customizing the best cover to suit your insurance needs.
Below are some of the products that we offer:

Real Estate management

Our property arm, CKS Property Consultants offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services. We support businesses in all matters of real estate, including valuation, auctioneering, investment advisory, property fund management, business space solutions, as well as housing solutions for expatriate staff.

Our Foreign Desks specially cater to the needs of foreign companies with local-based operations. Besides providing professional services in the local property market, we are also able to advise and facilitate cross-border transactions and investments in regional markets.

Employee Shares Plans

By offering stock options or share plans to employees, this will allow employees to participate in the growth and prosperity of the company. It motivates deserving employees to optimise their performance and helps to retain key personnel whose contributions are paramount to the profitability and growth of the company. Financing options are available for them.

These are integrated web-based one-stop solutions to manage your company’s share benefit schemes. By streamlining your company’s processes and integrating communications with your broking house, share registrar, legal firm and trustee into a seamless workflow, we help to reduce the amount of manpower and time needed to administer these schemes.