Institutional Broking

Prime Brokerage, Electronic Trading Desk and Dedicated Deal Support at your service.

Gain Market Intelligence

Markets are complex. To help you navigate the complexities, we provide you with access to corporate management and industry experts through the following services:

Through company research, our analysts provide company research and news covering Singapore, Hong Kong, India and other Asia-Pacific countries. We offer the following services:

Dedicated Institutional Dealing Support

Be backed with round-the-clock support by our team of experts during the operations of local or foreign markets

Prime Brokerage

Plug into the World Markets with our Prime Brokerage that offers financing, custody, global markets execution, colocation and lending. Our inventory pool is deep due to our distribution infrastructure.

Electronic Trading Desk

Access the platform of your choice or use our Phillip Electronic trading engine for your trading needs. Customised configurations will be set up by our team of engineers.
Our Electronic Trading Desk offers a full suite of trading solutions to Buy-side clients, Proprietary trading houses & HFT firms. We are equipped with extensive global exchange memberships and innovative solutions to empower clients in achieving success through market swings.

Mercury, Your Edge

Mercury is a PhillipCapital Proprietary Trading system designed by traders for traders. Features include advanced order types, one click trading with OB trader, charting with more than 40 indicators and personalised dashboard and work stations.