Marketing Partnership Programme

Our turnkey solution allows licensed financial institutions, advisory managers or discretionary trading mandates to join our partnership programme.

What is a Marketing Partner Programme?

As our Marketing Partner, you will be given access if your audience would like to trade in the capital market. While you focus on your audience, Phillip Securities takes care of your audience’s trading operations.

In addition, we also support licensed Financial Institutions (FIs) audiences’ trading needs when they use our trading platforms or API capability.

Why PhillipCapital

As our programme partner, you will leverage our best-in-class products and services. In addition, you will receive support from our dedicated team for service such as client onboarding, KYC, account management, risk control and custody services of the end clients.


Our powerful, hassle-free trading platform.


POEMS API allows integration of our trading platform through a secured gateway.


Multiple products, integrated custodian, and post-trade services

Support from front desk to back office

Customised User Experience

Customise to your needs for self-trading clients, or clients with advisory or discretionary trading mandates.
Choose from Phillip Securities POEMS 2.0 trading system or build your own platform via POEMS API.

Execution Service

Gain access to global markets supported with a suite of services from financing, custody, global markets execution, and lending.

Our Tech, Your Edge

Our API services allows a seamless integration into your platform

Post-Trade Services

An one-stop custody service. We provide daily back-office processing and settlement in accordance to regulatory compliance across global authorities.

Let us be your right partner

It’s our honor to share our experiences with you. We customize to your requirements. Sign up now and our professionals will contact you and help you realise your ideas (Subject to the minimum requirements below)!

Minimum requirements:

*Potential partner is subjected to compliance check and qualification approval